Monday, May 26, 2008

Update on life

There now that I have done my blogging for the month, you all better be satisfied!!! hehe. No, I hope to try and do things more frequently, but life has been busy with work. I just got a promotion, and with a promotion comes more responsiblity. Even though it is a closer commute to work, I end up having to go in early to open up, and stay later if a teller has a problem with getting the drawer to balance. has been busy. Today (Memorial Day) I spent some time sorting through stuff in my one room to get things ready for a garage sale that I will hopefully be doing next week while I am on vacation!!!! Well, that is about all that I have for now. I will try to keep you all updated as frequently as possible. Until next time.....Adios!!!!!

Jordan sitting up by himself!!!

The other day I sat Jordan up on the seat by me in church and he sat there a good part of the service just playing with his toys. I said something to Jeff about it after we got home that night, and Jeff said..."Oh he has been sitting up by himself for a while!" Boy did I feel bad.... Usually when I come home from work at night I have not seen him all day long, so I spent the evening holding, or dancing around the living room with him. I was totally clueless has to how much he has progressed. So, needless to say, I had to see him do it. I was so excited about it that I had to take a few pics. Here are some of them......

Getting Fit for the Summer

Lately I have been trying to loose weight. Jeff is also trying to get into shape as football season is fast approaching. We have been trying to get out and go jogging together. We went out the other night, and walked/ jogged (well, daddy did anyway) for a mile. Hopefully we can get that worked up there. Here are a few pictures of our time out!!!

Mother's Day Present!!!!

For Mother's day Jeff and Jordan bought me some wonderful smelling candles, a few dvds and some beautiful roses. Here are some pics of the roses. They lasted a really long time. Mother's day was 2 & 1/2 weeks ago and they are just now dying. They did a pretty good job of picking them out huh? Also, Jeff made a wonderful dinner for me while I catered to our sick little boy....It is a first mother's day that I will not forget!!!!


More dedication pictures

Here are just a bunch of various pictures of Jordan's dedication. Enjoy!!!

More pics. before the dedication

Here is a picture of Grandma Major holding Jordan before his dedication. He doesn't look nervous at all!!!!

Jordan's Dedication

Jordan was dedicated last Sunday. He was supposed to be dedicated on Sunday night of mother's day, but he got some sort of stomache bug, and so we decided to wait a week. Here is a picture of us before the dedication. We bought Jordan a special outfit to wear, but when were getting him ready for the dedication, we realized that the clerk at the store we purchased it from had left the security tag on it. It is the kind that if you try to take it off, it will put ink all over. Well, his outfit was white, and we were not sure what to do until his grandfather came along and saved the day. I don't know, but I think he kinda looks like he has had to do this before!!!

Jordan taking his first bike ride!!!

We went over to visit Tina's parent's the other day. We spent the day going to yard sales. We stopped back to the house during the middle of our trip to let Jordan stay home with daddy and uncle Larry, as he was kinda getting tired of trying to keep up with the girls. When we were getting ready to go and hit the road again, Uncle Larry was trying to teach Jordan to ride the bike that Grandma had bought at a yard sale. I snapped a few pictures cuz I thought it was awfully cute!!! Enjoy!!!

Pocono Family Vacations: Accommodations - 2 Bedroom Villa

Pocono Family Vacations: Accommodations - 2 Bedroom Villa

We are going on Vacation!!! I can't wait. Check out where we are going.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a cute kid!

My Aunt Esther took this picture at a family breakfast that we had at Uncle Don's house. I could be wrong but he's gotta be the cutest baby ever. Someone said that he's even cuter than the Gerber baby. But I just thought this was a great picture and so I wanted to share it.