Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just so you all know, I left my camera at my Grandparent's house while there for their anniversary party. I will therefore not be able to post until I get my camera b/cuz all of my pics are on it. I will post about my vacation ect as soon as I get my camera back!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vacation is Coming!!

Jordan just practicing relaxing so that he knows what to do when we go on Vacation!

Is mom watching?
It's so tempting
Maybe just a little bite

AH! Forget it I'm digging in!!!!


MMM....This is pretty good....I'm doin' it, right mom?!?!?1

My yummy bowl of cereal with bluberries
Do you have a problem? I am trying to eat here!
Oh! This using a spoon stuff is for the birds! I am just gonna dig in!

Today we decided to let Jordan try feeding himself with his new spoons that we got him. They are called little dippers, and they are supposed to help little ones learn to feed themselves. Well, lets just say we tried it....I will just let you see how it all turned out, as there are no words to describe!!!!!

Look at the Froggie!

The other night I went out to lock the door before going to bed for the night, and lo and behold, there was a little tree frog sitting on the window of the door. I called Jeff out, and he brought Jordan to see the frog. Jordan was so excited by it that he kept trying to get the frog through the glass. We took some pics for you to see.