Friday, September 3, 2010

Our new house

Well, for those of you who follow from afar, if there are any, you might not know that we are not in Russell pastoring anymore. After 4 years, the church didn't feel like they could afford to keep us there and we felt that it was time for us to move on. However, Jeff is still a year away from his nursing degree and that would be a wasted venture if we moved now so we decided to stay in the area. We started looking for a place to rent or buy and soon found that it might be cheaper to buy than to rent. We started looking for an agency that we might get a mortgage from and found USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture. They do what is called Rural Housing Service where they give low interest mortgages to those who might not be able to get them through a conventional banking agency. We found a cute little house in Massena and decided that we would go ahead and put an offer in. After what seemed like an eternity, we got all the paperwork done and had our closing. We've put some work into it and we're pretty pleased with how it looks. Hope you enjoy! Here are some pictures of the inside that we took and then some pictures of the outside that the realtors took for the MLS listing.

Our new house

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jeff said...

I feel bad that no one has even commented on your post, so I will be the first. Congratulations on becoming homeowners. It's a fun thing. Your house is cute and you need to put pictures up as you continue to do other improvements.